Heckmann Audio u-he Satin v1.3.3 WIN/MAC VST, VST3, AAX, AU, CLAP x86 x64

Nothing else sounds like tape.
Satin puts the legacy of tape recording into your hands, from the latest multi-track consoles to the humble cassette deck.
The good (saturation, transient smoothing, compression) and bad (noise modulation, judder, hiss) qualities are all under your control.
Create your (im)ideal tape recorder.

Soft analog tape sound.
Includes historical developments in tape technology.
Manage up to 8 satin pieces simultaneously using the group panel.
5 popular models of encoders/decoders with noise reduction.
Service panel: Controls for hiss, wow and flutter, offset, head gap, azimuth, saturation, high-frequency compression and much more.
Modern or vintage ribbon material.
Internal sampling rate up to 384 kHz.
5 circuit models of equalizers for recording and playback.
Stereo delay mode (2 or 4 heads) with multi-mono, cross or ping-pong routing.
Ribbon flanger mode with classic through-null flanger.
Adjustable tape speed from 1.87 to 30 pixels.
Pre-emphasis and soft clipping options.
Preset browser with search function.
Compatible with NKS FX.
Changeable user interface from 70% to 200%.
Customizable user interface.
120+ factory presets.

✔️ Known issues:
CLAP: Plugin bypass button is not always responsive in Reaper (workaround: use Reaper bypass).
Special Notes:
AAX and CLAP are 64-bit only.

✔️ Installation/Registration
Uninstall previous versions.
If you don’t care about losing preferences or saved presets, delete the Diva.Data folder (C:\Users\Yourname\Documents\u-he).
This is the easiest cleaning method.
If you want to save preferences or presets,
delete the files “com.u-he.Satin.user” in the Satin.Data/Support folders.
License generation:
Launch our key

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