Hit ‘n’ Mix – RipX DAW PRO v7.0.0-DAW

Hit ‘n’ Mix – RipX DAW PRO v7.0.0

RipX DAW PRO adds award-winning Audioshop tools and the Harmonic editor for the most precise audio editing available to create an AI DAW with unlimited possibilities. Also included are two additional panels: Repair for fast, non-destructive audio cleanup, and RipScripts for writing custom tools.

RipX DAW PRO adds the following features and more:

  • Award-winning Audioshop ® tools for quickly and easily fixing and cleaning up recordings
  • Non-switchable audio editor for cleaning up noise separately from high-pitched sounds
  • Powerful and unique harmonic editor for unrivaled audio editing
  • RipScript scripting language for creating and customize your own instruments

This is not a basic spectrum editor – these are the actual harmonics that describe the sound of a note, and the harmonic editor allows you to have full control over them.

Ideal for removing noise, adjusting tone, and creating interesting new sounds.
Audio Cleanup and Restoration

Real-time audio restoration and cleanup features to remove background noise, limit foreground artifacts, reduce tones and hum, and clean up high-pitched and non-pitched sounds.

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