IK Multimedia TONEX MAX 1.6.0 STANDALONE, VST, VST 3, AAX (x64)

IK Multimedia has released a new version of the AmpliTube ToneX guitar emulator. Unlike regular AmpliTube, ToneX is based on the recently announced signal emulation technology through artificial intelligence and machine learning.
IK Multimedia calls ToneX a “complete software ecosystem” for emulating guitar and bass hardware.
Any changes on one of the devices are instantly synchronized with the user account and displayed on other platforms. According to the developers, thanks to this, guitarists will have access to their favorite equipment wherever they are – in the studio, at home or on the road.

✔️ Additional information:

ToneX is based on ToneX Tone Models, which are replicas of real guitar hardware created using IR pulses and machine learning technologies. Presets accurately replicate the sound of real cabinets and amplifiers, as previously demonstrated using AI Machine Modeling technology.

ToneNet is an analogue of Positive Grid’s ToneCloud, offering free exchange of presets between software users.

According to IK Multimedia, ToneX will offer more than 1,000 Tone Models presets based on the sound of real equipment. Presets are exact replicas of cabinets, amps, combos, rack treatments and effects pedals.

Users will be able to use patches prepared by the developers to create their own presets and virtual guitar stacks.

AmpliTube ToneX can also be used to “capture” your own guitar equipment. To bring real devices into the software environment, users will need an audio interface and a ToneX Capture device. The latter is an intermediate link between a sound card and an amplifier or cabinet.

IK Multimedia note that purchasing Capture for digitizing equipment is not necessary. However, the company recommends purchasing a capture device to carry out the transfer with the correct signal levels: the box returns a “perfect copy” of the sound to the audio interface and creates high-quality emulation of analog devices.

According to the developers, Capture greatly simplifies the life of guitarists by reducing the list of necessary equipment. The capture card allows you to abandon microphones and arrangement of room space and digitize devices directly. Moreover, the accessory can be used for reamping.

Thus, IK Multimedia enters the territory of Kemper Profiler, offering a more affordable alternative to the equipment of the German Kemper Amps.

✔️ Treatment procedure:

Before starting installation:
1. Open a command line (as administrator).
2. Enter notepad C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts and press Enter.
3. Add to the opened hosts file:
Code: select all www.ikstore.com txc.ikmultimedia.com
Save changes.

Run IK Product Manager Fake Info.reg and agree to changes to the registry

Install Tonex

Run IK_Multimedia_Keygen.exe, select the product (IK Multimedia TONEX v1.2) and click Automatic Registration (Windows).
In “Log” the message “Successfully registered!” should appear.

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