Inletaudio Scoring Piano (KONTAKT)

One of my discoveries of 2022 is definitely the very young company sample forge from Norway, which has already produced a significant number of beautiful boutique libraries in its first year of existence.

Vintage Fischer Upright piano from 1900
Unleash the timeless elegance of a vintage Fischer upright piano from 1900 , painstakingly restored by the talented Steve Benjamins.
Immerse yourself in the rich, authentic sound created at Altamira Sound in Alhambra, California and masterfully recorded by renowned engineer James Riotto.
We carefully captured the essence of this vintage upright piano during an intensive two-day recording and sampling session. Using the most state-of-the-art studio preamps and premium microphones, we’ve preserved both the refined sound and rich history embedded in every note.Upright piano’s expressive, personal and emo
tional sample library.

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