With an intuitive interface designed to inspire, get ready to create and destroy.
With Trash, everything is possible – from subtle warmth to sonic mutations.
Key Features and Capabilities
Our iconic distortion engine is back by popular demand – with an all-new approach to distorting and transforming your sound.
Enjoy color and chaos in your tracks with over 600 types of distortion and impulse responses. Or roll the dice to explore new,
unexpected directions. Escape reality and discover the beauty of imperfection through trash.

Trash module
Take your sound in new distorted directions or just have fun mixing over 60 types of distortion
such as Rusty Bits, Cactus, Noise Art and Distropia. Combine up to four different distortion settings using the intuitive XY panel.
Additionally, add dynamics and movement by modulating the drive control, which controls the intensity of distortion,
and highlight frequencies for dramatic effect using the tilt control.

Convolve module
Transform your track into other objects and spaces with over 600 creative impulse responses,
including reverse reverb, piano cabinets and plexiglass tubes.
Mix up to four IRSs together with an XY pad and explore new dimensions of sound.
Additionally, the Impulse Response downloader allows you to load any audio file
to bring its sonic characteristics to your track, be it your cat’s meow or the latest viral clip.

Shape specific parts of your sound by dividing it into low, mid and high frequency ranges.

Envelope Follower
Liven up boring loops with Trash’s dynamic distortion capabilities, allowing you to create sounds
that blend into each other. Discover sounds you thought were never possible
with this intuitive envelope transformer.

Mix controls
Apply Trash and Convolve to your full mix, or mix both modules across three frequency ranges.

Randomly change the Trash settings, as well as the convolutional XY panels.

Add even more chaos and color to your sound with this self-oscillating low-pass filter.
He screams – if you want him to.

Autogain and Limiter
No need to worry about blowing out your speakers.
Trash takes care of volume levels for you with smart auto gain and limiter settings.

Swap the order of the Trash and Convolve modules in the signal chain for each frequency band and experiment with
endless combinations of distortion and spatial effects.