iZotope VEA v1.0.2 VST3, AAX x64

Enjoy the sound of your own voice
VEA is an artificial intelligence audio enhancer that makes any voice recording more powerful,
polished and professional. This easy to use tool is ideal

  • Features
    Built with industry-leading audio enhancement technologies from RX, Ozone and Nectar, VEA improves clarity, sets more consistent levels and reduces background noise.
    Polish your voice: Shape
    VEA’s Shape control adapts to your voice, instantly making it sound more polished and professional. No more fiddling with equalizers or browsing through presets to improve your voice mix. 
    Be heard: Boost
    With Boost, you can easily add expressiveness and power to your voice. VEA takes the guesswork out of how to mix your voice. Don’t worry about compression and limitations, just focus on making your voice sound its best. For content producers, this means smooth audio in your videos and training content to create a smoother, more engaging experience for your audience.
    Reduce noise: Clean
    VEA is equipped with essential noise-canceling software that eliminates noise, leaving your voice sounding great. Recording a vlog under air conditioning? Taking a virtual interview with signal interference? With VEA this is not a problem.

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