Laidback Luke Laidback Limiter v1.0.3 VST, VST3, AAX x64

The Laidback Limiter is a two-stage brick wall limiter with multi-band pre-clipping.
Designed by renowned DJ Laidback Luke, it is extremely
A powerful tool for maximizing the volume of your tracks.

  • Features
    Two-stage brickwall limiter with a twist
    The Laidback Limiter is a powerful two-stage brickwall limiter with a twist. One of the secrets of mastering engineers around the world is the pre-clipping process. Combined with the ultimate brickwall limiter, this makes Laidback Limiter the ideal plugin for maximizing the volume of your tracks.
    Multi-band clipping with perfect auto gain
    Instead of a conventional clipper, the Laidback Limiter features a unique multi-band clipper with perfect auto gain. This means you can cut each of the four frequency ranges, automatically maintaining the volume and tonal balance of your track. This makes cutting different frequency regions of a track extremely easy and intuitive. Together, the plugin’s multi-band clippers allow you to pre-clip a track with surgical precision.
    Maximizing Volume
    After pre-trimming a track using the multi-band section of the plugin, you can mix the pre-trimmed signal as it enters the maximization stage. 

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