MAGIX Samplitude Pro X8 Suite (x64)

Samplitude Pro X is music production software aimed primarily at music professionals, meeting the highest quality demands in audio production, from first take to final mastering.
Samplitude Pro X offers recording and mixing engineers unique features that revolutionize classic DAW workflows. Edit while recording. Apply effects individually to individual clips. Visualize volume, frequency and phase for selected tracks. Take advantage of customizable interfaces and automation to take your productivity to the next level.

✔️ Key Features:
Lots of new features in Sequoia Pro and Samplitude Pro X
Make the most of the core features of our professional DAWs. Other new features in Music Studio include EQ116, WizardFX Suite, coreFX Delay, advanced routing, and an expanded track copy dialog. Start your next production with a complete set of professional tools.

Stability proven in studio and broadcast
Samplitude Music Studio now runs on the ultra-powerful sound engine of Samplitude Pro X and Sequoia Pro. Leading names in the world of music and broadcasting have been working with our software for many years. It provides stability and consistent performance even on basic hardware settings.

With Samplitude Music Studio, you can start composing and arranging songs right away. Take advantage of a wide range of customizable virtual instruments and sound pools, each containing hundreds of professional samples.

It’s not just the new version’s name that’s updated, Music Studio X8 is packed with proven features and innovative new tools to help you create professional-quality songs in no time.

✔️ Features:
EQ116 – professional equalizer
Improved AUX routing
Optimized MIDI object mapping
Direct recording – what you hear is what you get
Advanced track copy function
WizardFX Suite
coreFX Delay
32 Vita instruments
Audio content: Unlimited sounds and loops
Multi-track recording in 24-bit format 96 kHz quality

✔️ Changes in version:
The most noticeable innovations in Samplitude Pro X8:

Take stripes. Now, merging—combining parts of different takes—does not happen in a separate take builder, but rather directly in the project under the track on the new take strips.
Marker track. Markers now appear on a separate track. Stretch the marker track vertically to fully display the long marker names. Markers can also now be colored in different colors. The marker track header has buttons for creating, coloring, and locking markers.
Simultaneous export in multiple formats. In the export window, you can now select multiple file formats for simultaneous export.
Stretching and compressing audio material (AudioWarp) using fit handles. In audio objects, you can now create trim handles to stretch and compress audio material to correct speed variations in recordings or match them to rhythm.
Arranger improvements:
• New informative mouse pointers for track workspaces;
• Manual input of level values ​​directly at objects;
• Improved display of notes in MIDI objects;
• Standard settings have been improved for many display parameters;
• The color picker button in the object editor changes the background color of the object.
The help system and manual have been completely rewritten and updated.
Improved compatibility with VST 3 plugins.

✔️ Portable features:
Portable version from 7997, works without installation on a PC
Does not require registration
Interface language: English, German (Russian is missing)
Does not require installation of libraries in the system
Leaves no traces in the system and registry

MAGIX Samplitude Pro X8 Suite x64 Portable by 7997.7z:
CRC32: 2C5BB7C1
MD5: 028BF7D8A673A890EC77317D4622AF7F
SHA-1: 58C160C329CA5FE04DFA1BB6F3902789CA68619A

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