Native Instruments – Fables (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments – Fables (KONTAKT) 

Create stories with sound . Fables is a cinematic library of evolving ensemble textures. Building on the legacy of Lores, Fables lets you seamlessly mix and layer a collection of luxurious acoustic instruments in a three-layer engine to create your own multi-dimensional soundscapes.

Discover the alchemy of organic and synthetic tones with a collection of blendable string sections, female and male choirs, woodwinds, tuned percussion, pads, low brass, horn ensembles, and even a watertelephone. Each instrument sampled has been performed by virtuoso musicians, offering a stunning range of articulations and effects options.

Fables features polyphonic aftertouch, allowing each note to become its own canvas for expression. Infuse your music with subtle nuances and exciting dynamics by easily controlling MIDI with just one touch. Subtly change the volume, panning, filters, pitch and modulation of each voice independently, adding a whole new dimension of depth and emotion to your compositions and performances.

  • At a glance
  • Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
  • Sound category: Organic Texture Instrument
  • Number of NKIs: 1
  • Download size: 57 GB
  • System requirements: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (version 7.5 or higher)
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