Native Instruments Guitar Rig 7 v7.0.2 Standalone, VST 3, AAX x64

Native Instruments releases the seventh version of its famous guitar amplification plugin.
It is stated that the new product has four virtual amplifiers (Super Fast 100, Super Fast 100, AC Box XV, Bass Rage) and five pedals based on Intelligent Circuit Modeling (ICM) machine learning technology.

✔️ Additional information:

Among other things, Guitar Rig 7 boasts a Loop Machine Pro looper, an expanded effects section with modules such as Skreamer Deluxe, Chainsaw, IVP Stomp and Seattle Fuzz, as well as a built-in Ozone Maximizer that can be used in the module section along with other rack-mount processing. Equally important is said to be a completely redesigned IR pulse loader and an additional pulse library created with input from Jens Bogren, Christian Köhl, Lancaster Audio, 3 Sigma Audio and cabIR.

✔️ Treatment procedure:

1. Install Guitar Rig 7

2. Place the NativeAccess.xml file in
Code: select all
C:\Program Files\Common Files\Native Instruments\Service Center
if there is no such folder, create it

3. Run GuitarRig_Keygen.exe, select one of the Guitar Rig 7 license options (Pro/LE/Player) and click “Register”

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