Native Instruments Schema: Light (KONTAKT)

Melodic sequencer plugin
Schema: Light provides you with an endless source of new ideas by combining a kaleidoscopic collection of smooth, layered, high-end loops into an intuitive step sequencer plugin. Quickly generate evolving patterns and create them your way using a range of effects and controls. Immerse yourself in gentle sounds that have been enriched and finely tuned, perfect for atmospheric film scores, electronic soundscapes and hypnotic hip-hop rhythms.
Schema: Light revolves around a unique 16-step sequencer. Start with four tempo-synchronized loops, each spanning two measures, then switch up to 16 steps per layer to create distinctive melodic patterns. Add expressiveness with the modulation wheel and explore advanced scaling capabilities with the enhanced engine. 

✔️ Additional information
A unique sequencing engine for weaving captivating melodic patterns and textures
Explore and sculpt creatively processed bells, keys, plucked strings, xylophones, and more
Craft immersive sequences using the four-layer engine
Instant inspiration
Discover a curated collection of 200 carefully designed presets , each featuring four loops that can be shaped with various playback modes, envelopes, effects, and more. From gentle plucks and bells to dreamy keys, each of Schema: Light’s multi-sampled sound sources can be quickly swapped and previewed, inviting happy accidents and seamless experimentation.

About the creator
Schema: Light was created in collaboration with pro sound and instrument designer Tobias Menguser. 

Tobias is the founder of 10 Phantom Rooms, creating Kontakt instruments alongside Paul Haslinger and other creative minds.
At a glance
Product type: Komplete Instrument
Instrument type: Melodic step sequencer plugin
Sound category: Mallets, bells, pianos, synths, percussion
Number of NKIs: 1 NKI including 320 sound sources and 200 snapshots
Download size: 2.5 GB
System requirements: Free Kontakt Player or Kontakt (version 7.8 or higher)

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