Nembrini Audio NA Nexus v1.0.0

Nexus is an audio processing tool that offers high-quality audio capabilities both standalone and as plugins.

✔️ Features

Nexus is a plugin that hosts other plugins in VST, VST3 and AU formats.
Third party plugin support
Nexus is able to recognize and load third-party plugins, expanding the user’s creative palette with a wide range of external audio processing tools.
Nexus works not only as a plugin in a DAW, but also as a standalone application.
Settings controls
The parameters of all loaded plugins are fully automated in your DAW and can be adjusted using the MIDI control surface.
Nexus comes with a variety of built-in plugins, offering a rich selection of tools for immediate use in audio production.
Changing MIDI Program
Switch to the desired preset using MIDI program change commands.

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