Noir Labs Everything Bundle Devices for Max for Live (amxd) [12.2023]

The Everything Bundle.
All the professional audio effects we currently sell in one convenient package.

✔️ Includes:

  • Carver v1.2 – Generates natural-sounding transients without changing perceived loudness.
  • Chain Shaper v3 – Automatic transient detection – recognizes drum hits at any volume without the need to adjust the threshold.
  • Shortcut Buddy v3.02 – Launch up to 64 frequently used plugins with a single keystroke or midi mapping.
  • Swiss Army Meter v5.1 – Displays label, integrated LUFS, instantaneous maximum LUFS, LRA, true peak, RMS and current peak DB.
  • Volume Buddy v2.5.2 – Automatically matches pre-effect volume to post-effect volume with incredible speed – all in one plugin.

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