Thorn was created to provide you with a great tool for creating modern electronic music. The main goal was to develop a first-class software synthesizer that knows everything about the process of creating bright, jumpy and aggressive modern sounds. Simplicity, flexibility and efficiency are the key principles of Thorn. Just take a short tour through the carefully crafted sound library provided by Thorn (over 600 presets!). We hope it contains a lot of sounds that you might want to include in your mix right now.

Sound engine in Thorn

  • Extras. information: AUi | VSTi | VST3i
  • Features

* Additive synthesis engine with spectral effects, harmonic filtering and support for FM, RM, PWM, hard synchronization

* Analog modeling filters with sensitive internal saturation stages

* 3x ADSR, 3x LFO, 2x multi-stage envelopes

* 9 high quality effects

* Crash sequencer

* Noise generator with WAV sample playback function