Prominy V-Metal v1.21 (KONTAKT)

One of the best electric guitar libraries for Kontakt with the latest updates!

Ultra-Realistic Sound Virtual Electric Guitar with Dark-Powered Technology – Real METAL Sound ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG® Humbucker
V-METAL pickup allows you to compose and create highly realistic Metal guitar tracks that simulate real guitar playing!
Key Features:
Incredible Real-Time Playing – V-METAL SPM (Super Performance Multi)
Fingerboard Monitor
Pre-Recorded Real Chords Samples
Automatic Stroke Detection
Assignable Key Switch
Low Note Samples Included
Real-Time Legato Slide (Hammer~Tap~Trill~ tremolo)
Direct signal from guitar
Selection of noises and various noises
Dual tracking
Repack Features
Includes all the latest updates (up to v1.21), the main feature of which is the ability to lower the tuning to Drop G (previously there was only Drop C)

ver. 1.21
Incorrect samples were mapped to the D2 key for natural harmonics.
Row selection pushbutton switches do not function correctly when the global controller is set to “drop B (-1)” or lower.
Cricket samples do not work in some situations

ver. 1.20c2
Pinch harmonic samples do not trigger in some situations. This has been fixed in this version.

ver. 1.20b
minor fixes

ver. 1.20
New Features:
Mute sample length adjustment (Mute sample can be tightened/loosened)
The volume of the Legato slip and slide sample can be controlled using MIDI CC# 43.
minor fixes

ver. 1.10
Auto Sustain stops when the DAW (sequencer) is stopped.
Samples can be adjusted down to -5 semitones (up to a drop of G) via Global Controller or MIDI CC# 27.
Added ‘key = top note’ mode to 4th dyad chord
Full-size (165mm octave range) playback key switching and instrument selection table
For detailed information, see the PDF file: “V-METAL_update_ver.1.20.pdf”.

Make a bookmark via “Add Library”.
If you already have an old V-Metal, then just replace the contents of the library folder with the contents of this distribution and give the distribution.

How to demote to Drop G
Go to options-misc and select the desired tuning there. Keep in mind that after changing the tuning, all notes in the piano roll will “shift” an octave higher:


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