SKY Studios SKY Keys v1.0.0 VST3i, AAX x64

SKY Keys is a new plugin from SKY Studios. It contains over 200 different synthesizers, pads, keys, etc.
This is a great set of virtual instruments at an incredibly competitive price of just $39.
SKY Studios are a fresh new plugin creator, and in their debut program SKY Keys they showcase an excellent bank of sound presets
that are fully customizable, allowing you to create limitless sound combinations.

✔️ Features
With a variety of effects such as saturation, reverb, filter, vibrato, pitch shift and the ability to reverse any sample/preset, the user has an incredible amount of customization and control over how they want the plugin to sound.
General Settings
In addition to effects, SKY Keys has looping, slide control, stereo doubler, humanize and pan functions.
Drag & Drop
One of our favorite features of SKY Keys is the Drag & Drop feature. You can drop any sample or one-shot directly into SKY Keys, and the plugin will automatically detect the sample’s key, as well as map it to the different tones on your keyboard! In addition, you will be able to use all other effects and settings to change the sample.
What makes SKY Keys great?
The SKY Studios plugin acts as an incredible workstation with keyboard tones that will inspire your creativity, and can also be used as a great sample editor and make matching one-shots to the keyboard a much faster and easier task.

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