SoundGhost TUNDRA v1.0.8 WIN/MAC VST3i, AUi x64

Frozen ambient soundscapes
Before you is a barren landscape. a piercing cold wind sweeps around you,
as you soak in the tranquility and purity of the landscape.
icy peaks reach towards the clouds on the horizon. you are alone in this bitter desert,
but you experience a sense of peace and wonder. welcome to the tundra.

✔️ Features
unique sound sources
tundra includes 2 layers, each containing 100 layers, created from acoustic and modular synthesis sources, then frozen in time using reverb and granular effects.

instant randomization
Click the randomise button to create completely new sounds at the touch of a button. Each press of the button randomizes 2 layers, as well as manually selected FX sends and the amp envelope. As a result, you have an endless variety of different soundscapes at your disposal.

create your sound
tundra includes easy-to-use tools and effects to help you quickly create your sound. Add crush and saturation effects to muddy the sound, run it through a huge reverb, and then fine-tune the frequency content using the included high- and low-pass filters.

built-in preset browser
If the randomization feature wasn’t enough, the tundra also comes with 50 presets out of the box, plus you can save, recall, and share your own presets using the built-in preset browser. Create your own categories and preset banks to further diversify your library.

100 samples included
tundra is the ideal solution for sound designers who need a collection of sounds ready to be used in a sampler. 100 original samples are in a separate folder inside the download, ready to use in your sampler or daw. each file is configured in c and contains built-in loop start and end metadata for easy and seamless looping (if your sampler supports it).

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