Steinberg Nuendo (x64)

Nuendo software is the most advanced audio processing solution available to film, television, gaming and immersive audio professionals worldwide. Since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating soundtracks for many high-profile productions, productions and installations. Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements, and additional user-requested features mean Nuendo continually exceeds the expectations of an audio publishing workstation with high-end—often unique—capabilities that continue the ongoing revolution in audio production software and multimedia.

✔️ Features:
Clear speech is the most important element of audio storytelling for streaming content, movies and TV shows. Nuendo 12 includes many new features and improvements that not only help you hear dialogue clearly, but also enable audio engineers and post-production studios to work as quickly, accurately and efficiently as possible. With new features for recording and editing dialogue, creating binaural mixes on headphones and more, Nuendo 12 is truly the home of dialogue.

Editing dialogue
Nuendo 12 makes significant improvements to cleaning and editing dialogue tracks, helping you produce clear, natural-sounding speech stems by mixing Minimize the time spent editing dialogues. New features and improvements that address issues faced by audio editors include AI-based dialogue detection, a one-key feature to remove unwanted noise from a track and leave only parts of the dialogue. Nuendo 12 also adds the ability to align multiple clips from location recordings to multiple references, make subtle timing adjustments without confusing workarounds, and easily integrate third-party technologies designed to make life easier for audio engineers

Auto-Align® Post
Distance between lavalier mics and tripod can change as you move actors, which shifts the phase over time. Nuendo 12 provides seamless integration with Auto-Align Post 2, making timing and phase adjustment of constantly moving microphones much easier. Integrated as an extension of the ARA 2 plugin, it’s simply a matter of enabling Auto-Align Post and selecting a reference audio track. This process is non-destructive, the original audio is always intact and ready for immediate playback or re-production.

Even more editing improvements
Nuendo 12 offers many new detailing tools and shortcuts for editing audio event fades, including a new size with a fade modifier key
You can now also use keyboard commands to increase or decrease the range selection in all four directions, including moving the range selection itself.
There’s a new ability to create or change fade in/fade out lengths when resizing events by holding down a modifier key and using the Select tool
You’re now You can assign key commands to edit slides, in addition to using the mouse and tool modifiers.

Recording dialogues
In Nuendo 12, we paid special attention to the issues of recording dialogues. Not only have we updated the ADR Taker user interface, we’ve added new features and smart enhancements, whether you’re preparing for an ADR session, a language dubbing project for Netflix, or using third-party apps whose scripts you want to quickly import. and easy in Nuendo. These features will save you hours of time and make tasks less repetitive, radically improving your workflow.

Netflix’s TTAL Dialogue Script Support
Nuendo 12 supports importing and exporting TTAL files, Netflix’s proprietary script format for working on language dubbing projects. TTAL script content is converted into write-ready ADR markers, including dialogue text, symbols, and useful metadata such as on-screen notifications, etc. Script change decisions made during ADR production can be documented in the Nuendo Marker Editor and returned to production process using the TTAL export function

Connect to EdiCue
Nuendo 12 supports EdiCue v4, the award-winning ADR tagging application. Creating cues in Nuendo using the EdiCue project interface window allows conversation managers to load symbol text from survey scripts in PDF format and apply the necessary properties to ensure smooth recording Cue data is stored in Nuendo cycle markers, allowing for instant recording. In addition, EdiCue can import control data from EdiCue PDF control sheets to send directly to Nuendo, ready for recording. You can also import data from Nuendo cyclic markers directly into EdiCue and export customized control sheets in PDF format

✔️ Portable Features:
Portable version from 7997, works without installation on a PC
Does not require registration
Interface language: Russian, English, others
Does not require installation of libraries in system
Does not leave traces in the system and registry
Working folders Documents, ProgramData, Roaming are located in “Cubase\App”

Steinberg Nuendo Pro x64 Portable by 7997.7z :
CRC32: 55E9531A
MD5: EC184C4E3132D336A77BC88C887F3FBB
SHA-1: F1EF2D02A2C331DA3E6C8AA4608C4C100277B79D

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