Steven Shaeffer, Cryptic 2077 (WAV)

Explore the sound of the future – over 250 WAV files created by cryptic and Steven Schaeffer to enhance your productions; Expand your sound library with extraordinary tones that will allow you to break any creative boundaries – from unorthodox 808+ basses to distorted tonal percussion + toms and claps/snare/rimshots you’ve never heard before.
designed to make your workflow easier; simply drag and drop the sounds into your DAW – each sound was created/curated/mixed by cryptic and Steven Schaeffer with great attention to detail to ensure the highest quality possible.

[inspired by the sounds of Kanye West, Black Panther: The Album, films like Tenet + Interstellar, and games like Cyberpunk 2077 to create a sound identity for the future]

✔️ Contents
265 sounds in total – details:

29,808 / basses – 16 claps – 29 hi-hats – 34 kicks – 22 open-hats – 48 percussion one-shots – 19 rimshots – 39 snares – 25 toms – 3 vox

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