Rock Foundry SDX was recorded at Bob Rock’s hand-picked studio The Warehouse in Vancouver, British Columbia and is designed to give you the most flexible choice of drums, ambience and options possible. It is configured as two separate SDXs, one “Main” and one “Mono”.

The “Main” configuration features six sets recorded using traditional multi-mic technology, while the “Mono” configuration was recorded using a minimal setup. In addition to seven separate kits, a large selection of additional snares, kicks and cymbals is provided, giving The Rock Foundry SDX an incredibly wide palette of source material for creating drum mixes in the powerful environment of Superior Drummer 3.

Please note: This product requires Superior Drummer 3.

✔️ Additional information
Midi folder inside.

✔️ Installation:

  1. Copy the STOCKHOLM SDX folder to the folder where the Superior Drummer library is located
  2. Copy the folder with midi 00008706@STOCKHOLM to the folder where all other midi are located
  3. In the program settings, specify the path to the library
  4. Enjoy

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