Toontrack Toontrack EZDRUMMER 2 CORE LIBRARY EZX v 1.2.1 (SOUNDBANK)

Built on what is undoubtedly the most popular drum creation software on the planet, this EZX is a true classic when it comes to drums and grooves: the complete core sound and MIDI library from EZdrummer 2.

In total, the EZdrummer 2 EZX core library includes five kits, as well as several additional snares, kicks and cymbals. The drums were recorded at British Grove Studios by Chuck Ainley, a true industry great whose track record speaks for itself.

In addition to the sounds, this EZX also includes full MIDI content from EZdrummer 2, giving you a complete and songwriting-focused collection of grooves, fills, and parts for a wide range of styles.


If you are a songwriter, this is a must-have element of your system.

✔️ Additional information
Midi folder inside.

✔️ Installation:
1) Copy the EZX2_EZdrummer2_Modern and EZX2_EZdrummer2_Vintage folders to the folder where the ezdrummer library is located.
2) Copy the folder with midi 02_@EZDRUMMER_2_MODERN#VINTAGE from the folder EZX2_EZdrummer2_Modern to the folder where all the other midi are located
3) Restart ezdrummer
4) Enjoy
5) Say “Thank you!”

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