Wavesequencer Hyperion 1.51 STANDALONE, VSTi 3 (x64)

An unlimited sound design playground inspired by ’80s legends such as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, Hyperion is a modern digital modular masterpiece. With over 40 updates since launch, Hyperion has evolved and continues to improve its audio capabilities, functionality and graphical interface, with many updates adding visual feedback and workflow improvements, making it one of the most powerful and affordable modular synths with a huge sound library in existence. .

✔️ Additional information:

Hyperion is a powerful VST3/AU plugin and standalone synthesizer for Windows and Mac that includes multiple synthesis types, fully flexible settings, and up to 16 layers of MPE-enabled polyphonic sounds with separate pitch and velocity zones, bend ranges pitch, tuning, arpeggiator and individual effects for each layer.

Modular audio nodes cover classic waveforming and unison detuning oscillators with stereo expansion, wave sequence oscillators, 4-operator FM, wave sequence FM, plucked string model, flute model, sample and sound font playback (multi-samples).

Hyperion has several types of filters, distortions and bus effects, as well as logic and math nodes for generative patch design.

Patches can have an unlimited number of nodes, and node control inputs can have multiple modulation sources, allowing extremely complex modulations.

Auxiliary effects buses allow audio to be passed between layers, and control data and MIDI notes can also be passed from one layer to another, allowing for deep modulation.

The number of audio processing elements is limited only by the power of your processor.

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