Wrongtools Oz (KONTAKT)

One of my discoveries of 2022 was definitely a very young company from Norway, sample forge, which has already released a significant number of excellent boutique libraries in its first year of existence.

The latest addition last year was Oz. The instrument sampled here is a Japanese ACE GT-7 organ, built in 1971 and preserved in its original condition to this day. Five different signals were sampled: speaker, room, spring reverb, Leslie, and DI signal.

Direct access mode has an additional convolution hall (with multiple IRSs), delay, low-range control, and separate vibrato. Everything can be fine-tuned in the submenu. A recurring element of Wrongtools is the optionally displayed XY field, which hides all kinds of sound design. Behind flowery names like Digidust, Sadist or Huldra, you’ll find effects that distort the sound in quite unique ways.

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