ADSR Sounds Drum Machine v1.3.1 STANDALONE, VST3i x64

ADSR Drum Machine is a workhorse for creating beats. Intuitive interface including 16 pads above the panel with Browser, Sound & FX tabs,
Sequencer and Mixer, allows you to assemble a set and record a rhythm right out of the box.
It has everything you need and expect from a modern drum plugin. Creative onboard processing is where the ADSR Drum Machine shines.
Three-stage envelope, pad pitching, and multi-channel processing per pad Set a new standard for drum kit setup before and during playing.
ADSR implements the ability to separate each pad into a separate transition and body, allowing you to clean, calibrate and improve samples while working on a rhythm.
50+ sets with 800 unique patterns and free royalty samples for 10 popular genres will allow you to get started right away.
Change your workflow for the better and feel how much easier it is to get on track with a perfectly polished rhythm section compared to the pain of working on drums in a DAW.

✔️ Features
Sound: Take full control of your sound. Intuitive, color-coded interface with 3 tabs and visual programming

  • Easily assign pads by dragging, selecting in the browser, or rolling the dice.
  • Midi Input: omnidirectional channels, preset notes, moving base octave.
  • Adjusting the pad step with a visual spectral tuner.
  • 3-stage envelope (Transient – Hold – Decay) tuned for drums and percussion
  • 4 throttle groups
  •  Split Pads – Process separate transient and body channels, each with a customizable effects strip

FX: Create your sound and make an impression

  • band parametric equalizer.
  • Compressor.
  • Low-pass, band-pass, high-pass filter.
  • Distortion.
  • Phaser.
  • Customizable FX module panel.

Sequencer: sequence, repeat, scroll and randomize

  • Up to 16 templates/4 pages per track.
  • Quickly create sequences in a global view.
  • Focused on viewing stripes.
  • Settings for each step: speed, repetition, scrolling and randomization.
  • Settings for each channel: time resolution, playback direction.
  • Polyrhythm and swing/shuffle.

Mixer: Finish every beat with a perfectly polished rhythm track!

  • Mute, Solo, Pan, Level, Output Assign.
  • Separation and tire of all pads.
  • Sends Delay/Reverb.
  • 4 channels of fixed group bus.
  • 2 sending channels.

The easy-to-use drum machine design includes 16 pads + tabbed browser, sound and effects, sequencer and mixer. Intuitive, fun and functional, we’ve optimized every tab to save you time and stress.
Powerful onboard processing provides a new level of control, giving you the freedom and confidence to express your rhythmic ideas. 3-stage envelope, per-pad pitch, and per-pad multi-channel processing set a new standard for tuning your drum kit before and while you start playing!
Drum Machine allows you to split each sample on each pad into two parts. Reach a level of mastery that you would spend hours in your DAW to achieve in minutes! With one click, split the transient and body into two channels, each with its own unique effects chain. Don’t sacrifice anything, control the sound and enhance the impact!
Get into the groove with an extensive library of kits, samples and sequences. Custom built to get the most out of the Drum Machine and cover a wide range of genres and sound types.
Boost your sounds with powerful built-in effects that can be easily applied to pads, split pads, master, sends, and buses.
End every beat-making session with a perfectly polished rhythm track. All the essential features you’d expect from a complete mixer, right when you need them most.

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