This compressor uses modern industry standard LUFS units to provide a much more transparent response that relates to how loudness actually feels to a person. The entire compressor signal flow operates within this more precise understanding of loudness.

The plugin’s user interface provides a more flexible alternative to traditional threshold and proportional compressor controls. Instead, the source and target volume ranges can be adjusted, and the compressor will either compress or expand them as needed.

If Learn Mode is enabled, the compressor will automatically adjust the source or target range to match the source material. This is a great way to get started with the compressor and use it as a starting point for further fine tuning.

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✔️ Installation

Install the plugin.

Run the keygen and generate a serial number.

Open the plugin, select the About tab and enter the serial number at the bottom – click Activate.

Pre-generated keys for MAC users who don’t know how to run keygen

5 generated keys, use only 1 for registration (Make sure there are no spaces before and after)