Gumroad Transpanner 2 1.0 VST3 x64

Transpanner 2 is a polar panel interface with a concentric circle design that animates as you drag a virtual pointer.
Moving the pointer over the center of the pad allows you to precisely control the direction of the sound, allowing you to select any angle from 0 to 360 degrees.
Moving the pointer inward sends sounds into the distance, while dragging it outward brings them closer.
This intuitive and tactile method of manipulating 3D audio improves the user experience when mixing stereo audio.

✔️ Extras. information:
When you adjust the controls in Transpanner 2, it adapts the properties of the sound wave so that
that your brain is tricked into perceiving sound as coming from different directions, including behind you.
This creates a 3D sound effect that envelops you in a more realistic and immersive sound environment,
and all this with a stereo system.

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