Native Instruments Vocal Colors v1.5 (KONTAKT)

Combining a wide range of vocal capabilities and an innovative engine, VOCAL COLORS explores the synergy between speech and synthesis. Bring movement, dynamics, and feeling into your music with inventive sounds that push the boundaries of the voice.

✔️ Requires NI KONTAKT (Version 7.7.0 or higher)

✔️ Additional information
From cinematic compositions to forward-thinking pop productions, VOCAL COLORS delivers hypnotic hues for igniting the initial spark or finessing your final brushstrokes.

Tell deeper sonic stories
Fluid, dynamic, and uniquely personal, the voice stands at the forefront of emotive instruments. Humanize electronic parts with a varied collection of vocal expressions that can be warped into evolving pads, basses, pulses, and grooves that strike balance between ultramodern and naturalistic.

Hybrid creation
VOCAL COLORS packs leading COLORS engine features, along with new vocal-specific additions.  Get instant results with over 250 snapshots or sculpt your sounds from scratch with an array of layerable boutique samples.

From the source
Explore pads, one-shots, reverses, pulses, and more, and unlock specialized sound design tools for each source. Craft unique formant leads and resonant pads with Synth Mode, and design aleatoric textures and granular loops with Particles. Build intricate sequences with the Arpeggiator and generate movement with the enlarged Motion engine.

Experimental spirit
With curiosity at its core, VOCAL COLORS uses abstract techniques to create unheard timbres. Unconventional melodies were performed across changing vowels and consonants, and robotic artifacts created by flattening the pitch.

At a glance
Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
For use with: Free KONTAKT PLAYER, or KONTAKT (Version 7.7 or higher)
Number of instruments: 1
Sound category: Vocals
Compressed size: 16.61 GB
Uncompressed size: 19.77 GB

What’s new in Vocal Colors
Craft unique pads, pulses, and textures from the sound of your own voice using the new user sample drag-and-drop feature. Simply import your own sounds and transform them in seconds with powerful effects and controls. Watch this video to discover all the latest Vocal Colors features, including 180 added presets and polyphonic aftertouch support.

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