Hertz Instruments – HERTZ DRUMS v2.0.6

This is an expansion pack for Hertz Drums, and to use this pack you must have Hertz Drums 2 installed.
Do you love metal? Or just feel like your music lacks punch in the drum department?
Whatever your style, WHITE Pack will glue your entire mix together, making it sound cohesive and convincingly tight.
The main tom shells in this drum kit were sampled from the famous American maple.
Balanced highs and mids with a touch of warmth in the lows, the Hertz Drums WHITE Pack is what your mix deserves!


• Big Studio
• Bright Impact
• Deep Pulse
• Eureka!
• Forceful Blow
• Progressive Metal
• Rock Metal
• Smack Kit
• Subterranean Sword
•Underground Vibe
• Vast Room
•Vibe Alloy

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