atmospheric soundscapes of Ambient Keys, meticulously curated by the award-winning composer Marvin McMahon.
Innovation meets simplicity. Explore the atmospheric soundscapes of Ambient Keys, meticulously designed by award-winning composer Marvin McMahon. Featuring 33 keys and 26 pads, this collection expertly blends organic and electronic sounds. The XY pad allows you to seamlessly mix up to four sounds, encouraging limitless creativity. Immerse yourself in the vast sonic possibilities of ambient keys, enriched with built-in effects that inspire unique fusions and evoke deep emotions.
Ambient Keys is the first release in our COLAB series, in which we collaborate directly with composers and performers to create unique sound collections by bringing their sonic tools to life.

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Marvin’s curation of the sounds in his library took months. He spent his time carefully sampling the sounds he loved to use in his own music. Some didn’t make it to the final library and some were a no-brainer.

The final collection of sounds in Ambient Keys is an insight into the musical palette used by Marvin in his award-winning music. Marvin captured sound using various gear, including:


Electric guitars



Korg MS-20 Mini

Moog Matriarch

Fender Rhodes

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