Submission Audio UmanskyBass v1.5.0 (KONTAKT)

Six-string bass Dingwall Z3X (black & white custom shop)
This library of fingerstyles is based on our next-generation TruBass technology and features all the articulations needed to recreate incredibly complex bass lines, including traditional and specific picking, as well as percussive hits.
A strikingly forward-thinking bass design, the Z3X sounds like a complete bass tone even without processing.
Thanks to Jacob Umansky’s sublime expert touch, this is one of the easiest virtual basses to operate.
For those times when you really want the bass to sit next to the guitars and emphasize its presence, the UmanskyBass is the perfect solution.

✔️ Changes in version 1.5.0
Version 1.5.0 2024-03-27

FIXED Issues

Main INDEX/MIDDLEY/ALTERNATE FINGER articulation now responds correctly to velocity-based tone scaling on notes below GO


• Added velocity-based tone scaling to the SLAP and POP articulations
• Keyswith menu updated to conform with updated truBass Bass standard
• Added string tuning preset menu
• String tuning selection is now reflected in Me ‘Force String. keyswitch label and keyboard note map

Version 1.1.0

• Finger notes below GO could play at wrong pitch
• Dbl Thumb Pop articulation notes between GO – D1 could play at wrong pitch
• Finger Alternate is now set to *Latch’ by default

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