Heavyocity VAST v1.0.0 VST3, AAX x64

VAST is a brand new creative convolution reverb plugin.
This expressive design tool redefines audio manipulation,
allowing you to take sound into completely new and impossible spaces.
Featuring a wide selection of intuitive controls, a diverse palette of innovative reverbs,
With its unique rhythmic echo and unconventional effects, VAST is a true playground for creative experimentation.

✔️ Features
Transform your sound
This expressive design tool redefines the manipulation of sound, allowing you to take it to completely new and impossible spaces. 
Endless Possibilities
The fully customizable processing chain provides a revolutionary level of flexibility. You can create your own sonic journey by rearranging effects and choosing from a variety of configurations, mixing dry and wet sounds throughout the chain.
Playground for creativity
Endless creativity is at your fingertips with innovative controls and custom effects.
VAST differs from traditional delay instruments in its variety of rhythmic convolutions and echoes. These tempo-synchronized impulse responses transform an ordinary source signal into an incredibly inspiring rhythmic groove. Quickly create and shape rhythm from any simple sound source.
Custom Signal Flow
These aren’t just static impulse responses – they’re a designer’s playground, allowing you to define your own FX module signal chain with flexible routing and additional controls. Change the placement of gate, EQ, delay, convolution, compressor and mix to achieve the desired effect.
Endless impulses
Improve your sound signature by loading your own audio files into VAST as an impulse response source. Unlock endless possibilities by shaping your own unique reverbs to make your sound truly one-of-a-kind.
Quickly clean up and fine-tune effects to improve overall sound quality and eliminate unwanted resonances caused by room acoustics and impulses. This feature intelligently scans the pulse and reduces unfavorable frequencies.

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