Plugin Alliance SPL HawkEye v1.1.0 VST3, AAX, x64

SPL HawkEye includes a universal set of tools for sound measurement. You have a level meter, loudness meter, bit monitor, vector scan, and spectrum analyzer at your disposal.

Unique features such as bit-depth analysis and high-frequency monitoring open a new window into the world of high-resolution audio recordings.

  • Measures peak and RMS values in left, right, mid, and side ranges.
  • Full dB scale and Katz scale for comprehensive analysis.
  • Loudness meter with PLR, PMR, PSR, IL, ML, SL – ensuring your tracks shine on any platform.
  • Displays volume on a timeline for a visual journey through your audio landscape.
  • 64-bit bit monitor revealing actual bit depth and timeline of patterns.
  • DC offset meter down to -40 dB, keeping your signals clean and crisp.
  • Vector Scope for stereo balance, width, and mono compatibility.
  • The luminescence slider lets you control how long the Vector Scope signal graces your screen.
  • Balance meter to ensure your mix doesn’t sway too far left or right.
  • Phase correlation meter for achieving maximum penetration power.
  • Spectrum analyzer with spectrogram, pan/phase, and 1/3-octave display – because every frequency matters.

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