Soulful drums with a Big heart. Modern drummer with the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s

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These rhythms are soulful. If you want to bring exactly this quality to your music, Virtual Drummer is here to help. We mean depth in the sense of soulfulness, depth in the sense of complexity and intricacy. Depth is a measure of emotion. DEEP is UJAM’s most energetic drummer, standing on the roots of traditional genres such as soul and funk, and firmly focusing on modern styles and timeless classics of the future.

Soul and funk dominated the music business in the 1960s and 1970s. And, we think, for good reason!  Soul music has captured stages, turntables and musical hearts around the world thanks to iconic rhythm sections such as the Funk Brothers and Booker T. & The MG’s.

Soul music places an emphasis on lyrics, vocal melodies, and vocal harmonies. You can see the roots of gospel music without the religious factor. Typical songs focus on melody and vocals. Soul music is much less complex than funk and is more commercially successful. This means that soul drumming has more basic patterns with less embellishment.

DEEP covers not only soulful and groovy genres but feels also right at home with pop, rock and alternative vibes. Make your production dazzling, with real-world drumming performances, that breathe artistic life into your track.

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Install and replace with files from the Patched folder (there is no AAX for replacement)