Wavesequencer Hyperion 1.50 & Theia 1.07 STANDALONE, VSTi3 x64

An unlimited sound design playground inspired by ’80s legends such as Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre and Brian Eno, Hyperion is a modern digital modular masterpiece.
With over 40 updates since launch, Hyperion has evolved and continues to improve its audio capabilities, functionality and graphical interface,
with many updates adding visual feedback and workflow improvements, making it one of the most powerful and affordable modular synths with a huge sound library in existence. .

Theia provides easy access to the powerful Hyperion synthesizer and its stunning, extensive sound library of nearly 600 presets.
The performance-oriented interface makes it easy to control each sound, allowing you to effortlessly navigate complex patch designs and focus on making music.
An instant source of musical inspiration for music producers of all genres.

What’s New:
• Wavesequencer Hyperion 1.50 – released 03/8/24
This is a core engine update to improve compatability, GUI drawing
and threading performance on the latest OS releases.

  • Just install! (Same AppID as previous release.)

    TCD Note: This installer is going to automatically delete
    the manual which was in the wrong location, previously.
    If you choose to install the manual now, it will go to the
    correct location and will open from within the product itself,
    when clicking the button for it. Rock on!

    Was at: Wavesequencer_Hyperion folder in user’s docs.
    Belongs at and now goes to: Hyperion folder in user’s docs

    If you have the library installed, you can uncheck the box to install it.
    You don’t need it again and there is not new content. See below if you are
    new to dealing with the library and this product. It’s nothing difficult.

    Delete if exists:


    as it will be replaced with “FactoryPatches” folder, if you choose to install
    the Factory content included in this release.


  • Just install! (Same AppID as previous release.)

    *If you have content installed already,
    you do NOT have to install it again. It
    remains unchanged.

    Factory patches and content cannot be uninstalled,
    purposefully. If you install it and want to rid it later,
    you must do so manually.

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