TubeOhm Fluid v1.01 VSTi WIN [2007]

TubeOhm have released Fluid, a VSTi synthesizer designed for ambient sounds, backgrounds and pads. You can load your own samples into this synthesizer and you can also create your own unique sounds. According to the first reviews from users of this super synthesizer, it has some disadvantages. For example, it is not recommended to render tracks using Fluid in real time, as you may end up with an empty file. Fluid comes with a not very interesting collection of presets, so we recommend creating your own exclusive sounds.


  • 6-note polyphonic.
  • Velocity for DCF and DCA.
  • 3 DCO-oscillators/sampler per voice.
  • 2 DCF-Filter HP/LP switching Filter and Q.
  • 5 ADBR envelopes with variable level and times.
  • 2 x ADBR for DCA.
  • 2 x ADBR for DCF.
  • 1 x ADBR for Pitch DCO.
  • 2 DCA control with 2 ADBR.
  • 2 modulation LFOs polyphonic/sync.
  • 1 master LFO monophonic.

✔️ Effects:

  • Oscillator-sync DCO 1 sync DCO 2 and/or DCO 3.
  • 1 ring-modulator / osc sync.
  • 1 TUBE AMP.
  • 1 stereo multifunction CHORUS.
  • 1 stereo REVERB.
  • 1 stereo DELAY.
  • German/English manual.


1) Run Fluid Setup.exe.
2) Use KeyGen.exe to generate a key.

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